Technical Specifications

Technical information on the Dan Kitchens product.





Lamiwood E0

Moisture resistant medium density fibreboard (MRMDF).

Substrate for joinery fronts.

·      Chain of Custody (CoC).

·      Global GreenTag™ GreenRate Level A certified.

·      Low formaldehyde emission level E0 (Emission Limit ≤ 0.041 parts per million).

MR Board E0

Timber based product comprising primarily of wood chips and shavings, bonded with synthetic resin and melamine surfacing at low pressure.

Panels consist of wood by-products; often the leftovers from other wood product
manufacturing processes.

Joinery for all cabinet carcasses. Moisture Resistant (MR) Board is standard across all Dan Kitchens products.

·      Chain of Custody (CoC).

·      Greenfirst product, certified by Good Environmental
Choice Australia as environmentally preferable.

·      Low formaldehyde emission level E0 (Emission Limit ≤ 0.041 parts per million).


Polyurethane Lacquer is a plastic based clear or coloured resin. When applied to surfaces, it dries to form a durable, water and chemically resistant finish.

Used to coat all joinery fronts where colour is specified.

Also used as a clear
coat on solid timber and veneer.

·      Zero lead content in Dan Kitchens Polyurethane.

·      Coating wood panels such as Lamiwood and MR Board on all sides provides a further 90% reduction in Formaldehyde emissions.

Wood Veneer

Slices of wood joined to a substrate of an environmentally friendly wood panel.

Timber joinery fronts.

·      Chain of Custody (CoC).

·      Majority of veneer is rated low formaldehyde emission level E0 (Emission Limit ≤ 0.041 parts per million).


For further information on the Dan Kitchens product, contact the design studio or visit the showroom to inspect their product first hand.